When to buy Airline tickets


There are many myths about which days and times you should buy Airline tickets, to get the best deal. Sometimes it can be really challenging to find the cheap Airline tickets and I know the frustration.







Here’s is a list of tips on when to buy and when to travel to increase your chances of a good deal:

– If you can travel off-season, there is a high chance to find significantly lower fares.

– Last minute deals are rarely good.

– There are highest chances to find cheap tickets between 8-12 weeks prior to your trip.

– If you’re travelling in the summertime you should but tickets 3 months in advance to get the best rates.

– Sunday is usually the most expensive day to travel.

– Saturday is the usually the cheapest day to travel.

– Follow the Airline you might consider on social media, they have sometimes good deals for a very short time.


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