LongyearbyenWith approximately 2,000 inhabitants, Longyearbyen is Svalbard‘s largest settlement and administrative centre. As the only incorporated town on the Svalbard archipelago, Longyearbyen features all the trappings of a modern community: a hospital, primary and secondary school, university, sports centre with swimming pool, library, culture centre, cinema, bank, airport, and a small variety of museums, shops, restaurants, and hotels.

One of the world’s northernmost towns, Longyearbyen is situated on the western coast of Spitsbergen, the largest island of the Svalbard archipelago, on the southern edge of Adventfjorden, a fjord which continues inland to the beautiful valley of Adventdalen. Owing to its location far north of the Arctic Circle, Longyearbyen is in polar night from October 28th to February 14th, and in polar day from April 19th to August 23rd.

Explore Longyearbyen and Spitsbergen
Whether you’re a first time visitor to the Arctic or a seasoned traveller to this extreme latitude, we offer an array of unforgettable adventures in Longyearbyen and its surrounding areas in Spitsbergen:

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To many people, the phenomenon “Mileage Run” is much unknown. If you aren’t member of an airline-related forum, you have probably never heard of it. Mileage runners’ goal is to earn elite status as quickly and cheaply as possible. According to the glossary on, a mileage run is, “A series of flights taken in a very short amount of time, solely for the purpose of accumulating frequent flyer miles, with a blatant disregard for the destinations.” Mileage run is considered as art in motion and there are always things to learn about.

If you want to be a mileage runner you should first identify how many miles or segments you need to reach your desired elite level and determine if it will be easiest to earn via miles or segments. For example, Scandinavian Airlines program Eurobonus offers its first elite level, Silver, at 20 000 points or 20 segments. To archive EuroBonus highest level, Gold, you need 50 000 points or 50 segments. If you’re not sure what segments mean Webflyer has defined it as, “A section or ‘leg’ of a continuous itinerary,” To be more specific, a segment has one flight number and one boarding pass.

A Mileage run requires a lot of planning and it’s all about the routes. As a Mileage runner you don’t want to fly nonstop to your destination, you want connections and routing that no one wants. You should consider international routes. Generally, the farther you go with a good fare, the price per mile goes down.

I hope this short description gave you a better picture of what Mileage Run is. If you want to get started with it, I recommend you take a look at these websites.

Mileage runs tools:


Marseille, France was previously considered a creepy port no one would visit. The dirty houses, noisy cars, the smell of rotten fish and much of the crime are gone.

Today is Marseille a pure idyll!








Renovation of the city began with the World Cup in Marseille in 1998 and after that there has been put a lot of money and effort down to change the city’s image. For instance, the promenade in front of the magnificent Notre Dame are hosed and swept every morning.

Marseille is today a popular tourist city and has a lot of culture to offer. The city is this year the official European Culture City and that’s for no reason, because the city is absolute beautiful. Marseille kept its multiethnic and North African soul and stands out from other French cities. People living here a considered very friendly and unfussy.

Marseille-Marignane Airport os located 27 km outside citycentrum and you can get there easily with taxi or bus. There are few intercontinental flights to the airport, but there are many flights to huge airports such as Frankfurt Airport, London Heatrow, Schipol and Paris-Charles De Gaulle.


There are many myths about which days and times you should buy Airline tickets, to get the best deal. Sometimes it can be really challenging to find the cheap Airline tickets and I know the frustration.







Here’s is a list of tips on when to buy and when to travel to increase your chances of a good deal:

– If you can travel off-season, there is a high chance to find significantly lower fares.

– Last minute deals are rarely good.

– There are highest chances to find cheap tickets between 8-12 weeks prior to your trip.

– If you’re travelling in the summertime you should but tickets 3 months in advance to get the best rates.

– Sunday is usually the most expensive day to travel.

– Saturday is the usually the cheapest day to travel.

– Follow the Airline you might consider on social media, they have sometimes good deals for a very short time.



According to The New York Times is Oslo one of the 46 most attractive travel destinations in the world in 2013. I found it very interesting that Oslo was the only Scandinavian city mentioned. Oslo is not so easy to ignore anymore among the other Scandinavian capitals, the New York Times reports. There is a lot of positive things happening in Oslo, so it didnt surprise me to find Oslo in the rankings. Oslo`s city development the past years have been high and put Oslo on the world map. There has been built many cultural centers in Oslo the last few years, cultural centers such as Holmenkollen Ski jump and the Opera House. The Opera House has attracted lots of attention from the rest of the world.

Opera House in Bjørvika

Operaen sett fra luften. Foto: Hagelund.





The opening of the Astrup Fearnley Museum and the newly developed Tjuvholmen has also an impact on why Oslo is on such a list with cities such as Rio De Janeiro. There has been already many famous people living at the new luxury hotel at Tjuvholmen, called The Thief. Justin Bieber stayed there during his two concerts in Norway.

The Thief at Tjuvholmen

Nic Lehoux





The New York Times also points out the Gourmet-restaurant Maaemo in Oslo. Maaemo was opened last year and has already received two Michelin-stars.

I think there will be more development and investment in Oslo the next years. Many experts says that Oslo has an exciting future ahead.


I came across a new research from Columbia University who had ranked the happiest countries around the globe. They found the happiest countries in the world by doing surveys in 156 different countries. Monday, this week, the World Happiness Report was released and there a surprising number of European countries among the 10 highest. 8 out of top 10 are European countries.

Top 10 according to the World Happiness Report are as follows:

1. Denmark

2. Norway

3. Switzerland

4. Netherlands

5. Sweden

6. Canada

7. Finland

8. Austria

9. Iceland

10. Australia


I found it not surprisingly that most of these countries had good economy and are also peaceful places. The happiness to each countries are based on healthy life expectancy, freedom to make life choices and social support. For many people are these countries somewhat exotic and distant. Countries such as Norway, Switzerland and Austria are expensive places and tourism is not so great compared to cheaper places in Europe, such as Spain and Greece. But many of these “happy” countries has a lot to offer, what you need is good research and probably a little bit of money.

Some pictures of the “happy countries”.



























If you want to go to a country were people are happy, you should try one these three countries!

I have linked the Report, if you want to read it.



Each year during the months of January and February the wandering Norwegian Artic Cod, or Skrei as Norwegians calls it, travel from Barents sea and into the North Norwegian coastline to spawn. Skrei is a codfish at its best age because of its energy level and fertility. Skreien come in millions and the fjords in Norway is usually packed with Skrei between January and April.’




Longyearbyen is the world’s northernmost town and there is no settlement of any kind with greater than 1,000 permanent residents further north. Longyearbyen is home to 2040 residents and it’s the largest settlement on Svalbard. The town is a popular tourist’s attraction because of the beautiful nature. Longyearbyen is usually covered by snow from September to May. If you visit Longyearbyen in wintertime you will experience temperatures down to – 20 °C and you will not see the sun. At the summer the temperatures are typically around 4-6 °C. If you come in the summertime between April 19th and August 23rd you will experience the beautiful midnight sun.



It is definitely possible to visit San Francisco in three days, you just need have a plan so you don’t miss the best attractions. San Francisco may seem to many like a very big city, but it isn’t actually that big. People have said that after a month you can the city in and out. San Francisco is one of the most visited cities in United States and one of the top tourists’ destinations in the world. The city has a lot to offer and here are some attractions you can squeeze into three days.



nordlysThere is probably no better place to experience the mysterious Northern Lights than Norway. The best chance to see Northern Lights is above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway between the autumn equinox and the spring equinox (sept-march). The Northern lights extends from Lofoton Islands and all the way up to the North Cope. The weather dries up from December month and it is usually plenty of snow until March. This period is statistically best because of the dry weather that gives clear skies. But as everything else, there is no guarantee to experience Northern Lights. What you need is patience.