Oslo on Top-destinations list 2013


According to The New York Times is Oslo one of the 46 most attractive travel destinations in the world in 2013. I found it very interesting that Oslo was the only Scandinavian city mentioned. Oslo is not so easy to ignore anymore among the other Scandinavian capitals, the New York Times reports. There is a lot of positive things happening in Oslo, so it didnt surprise me to find Oslo in the rankings. Oslo`s city development the past years have been high and put Oslo on the world map. There has been built many cultural centers in Oslo the last few years, cultural centers such as Holmenkollen Ski jump and the Opera House. The Opera House has attracted lots of attention from the rest of the world.

Opera House in Bjørvika

Operaen sett fra luften. Foto: birdseyepix.com/Christopher Hagelund.





The opening of the Astrup Fearnley Museum and the newly developed Tjuvholmen has also an impact on why Oslo is on such a list with cities such as Rio De Janeiro. There has been already many famous people living at the new luxury hotel at Tjuvholmen, called The Thief. Justin Bieber stayed there during his two concerts in Norway.

The Thief at Tjuvholmen

Nic Lehoux





The New York Times also points out the Gourmet-restaurant Maaemo in Oslo. Maaemo was opened last year and has already received two Michelin-stars.

I think there will be more development and investment in Oslo the next years. Many experts says that Oslo has an exciting future ahead.

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