Marseille – From nothing to something


Marseille, France was previously considered a creepy port no one would visit. The dirty houses, noisy cars, the smell of rotten fish and much of the crime are gone.

Today is Marseille a pure idyll!








Renovation of the city began with the World Cup in Marseille in 1998 and after that there has been put a lot of money and effort down to change the city’s image. For instance, the promenade in front of the magnificent Notre Dame are hosed and swept every morning.

Marseille is today a popular tourist city and has a lot of culture to offer. The city is this year the official European Culture City and that’s for no reason, because the city is absolute beautiful. Marseille kept its multiethnic and North African soul and stands out from other French cities. People living here a considered very friendly and unfussy.

Marseille-Marignane Airport os located 27 km outside citycentrum and you can get there easily with taxi or bus. There are few intercontinental flights to the airport, but there are many flights to huge airports such as Frankfurt Airport, London Heatrow, Schipol and Paris-Charles De Gaulle.

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