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nordlysThere is probably no better place to experience the mysterious Northern Lights than Norway. The best chance to see Northern Lights is above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway between the autumn equinox and the spring equinox (sept-march). The Northern lights extends from Lofoton Islands and all the way up to the North Cope. The weather dries up from December month and it is usually plenty of snow until March. This period is statistically best because of the dry weather that gives clear skies. But as everything else, there is no guarantee to experience Northern Lights. What you need is patience.

Where to stay

Tromso_story_740x334Above the Arctic Circle there are over 200 hotels to choose from. Many of them are located in Tromsø, which is the biggest and most populated city in Northern Norway. Combine the pursuit of Northern Lights with the beautiful city Tromsø. In Tromsø there are many different kinds of Northern Light tours. The tour companies offer both small- and large group tours.

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Get to Northern Norway

There isn’t any intercontinental flight routes offered from any of the airports in Northern Norway. The easiest way to get to Northern Norway is by flying from Oslo Airport, Gardermoen. Scandinavian Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle offer daily flights to the biggest airports in North Norway, Tromsø Airport, Evenes Airport, Bardufoss Airport and Bodø Airport. Our partner KLM operates daily flights between Oslo and Amsterdam. From Amsterdam, KLM offers flights all over the world. Intercontinental flights to Oslo are offered by United Airlines, SAS and Norwegian to New York. Both Thai Airways and Norwegian offer daily flights to Bangkok. Qatar Airway offers flights to Doha.  All these entire airlines can you find in our flight search.


Get around in Northern Norway 

Our partner Widerøe operates daily flights between all the airports in Northern Norway. They are to be found in our flight search and they tend to have good deals. There is no train above Fauske, which is very close to Bodø. The only way to get around in Northern Norway besides flying is by boat or bus. You can also rent a car from the biggest cities in Northern Norway. Avis, Sixt and Budget are all to be found at Tromsø Airport, Evenes Airport, Bardufoss Airport and Bodø Airport. Compare the prices in our car rental search.

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