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Longyearbyen is the world’s northernmost town and there is no settlement of any kind with greater than 1,000 permanent residents further north. Longyearbyen is home to 2040 residents and it’s the largest settlement on Svalbard. The town is a popular tourist’s attraction because of the beautiful nature. Longyearbyen is usually covered by snow from September to May. If you visit Longyearbyen in wintertime you will experience temperatures down to – 20 °C and you will not see the sun. At the summer the temperatures are typically around 4-6 °C. If you come in the summertime between April 19th and August 23rd you will experience the beautiful midnight sun.

What to do in Longyearbyen

– Svalbard Museum – If you are interested in Svalbard’s history, geology and nature, this is the place to visit. http://www.svalbardmuseum.no/

– A snowmobile trip to the Russian town Barentsburg is a fantastic experience. The trip takes a whole day but its definitely worth it.

– Eat a better dinner at Huset, the only gourmet restaurant in Longyearbyen. Huset has over 20.000 bottles of wine, which is one of the biggest wine cellars in Norway.


Where to stay in Longyearbyen

There aren’t many hotels in Longyearbyen. A quick search in our Hotel search gave me seven different hotels. The Radisson Blu Polar Hotel Spitsbergen Longyearbyen is a popular hotel which is located in the middle of the town.


How to get to Longyearbyen

Our partner SAS has flights from Oslo Airport, Gardermoen and Tromsø Airport, Langnes to Longyearbyen. From Oslo Airport, Gardermoen can you travel to almost everywhere in the world with only on stop.


Some fun facts about Longyearbyen

1. The world’s northernmost ATM, gourmet restaurant church, Post Office, limousine, workshop, museum, commercial airport and university are all located in Longyearbyen!

2. You can’t be buried at Svalbard because the bodies never decompose because of the permafrost.

3. Cats are forbidden to have.

4. There are over 4000 snowmobiles in Longyearbyen.

5.  There are no street names.



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