Cod fishing at Soroya, Norway


Each year during the months of January and February the wandering Norwegian Artic Cod, or Skrei as Norwegians calls it, travel from Barents sea and into the North Norwegian coastline to spawn. Skrei is a codfish at its best age because of its energy level and fertility. Skreien come in millions and the fjords in Norway is usually packed with Skrei between January and April.’

Some of my friends and I have been fishing after Skrei in late March/early April the last couple of years. We have been traveling to an island called Sørøya in Norway. Sørøya is the fourth biggest island in Norway and often claimed to the most spectacular and beautiful island in Norway.
















There have been enormous amounts of Skrei outside Sørøya the last few years. I would say the best place to go in Norway to get big Skrei is at Sørøya. The last three Norwegian records have been taken here and the world record got taken this year.

Here are some pictures of me with Skrei catched at Sørøya.



















There is only one airline that operates flights out to the only airport at Sørøya, Hasvik Airport. Widerøe has to flights each day, one in the morning and one in the evening flying to Tromsø Airport, Langnes. From Tromsø Airport there are many daily flights to Oslo Airport, Gardermoen.

If you want more information about fishing or anything else about Sørøya, please feel free to contact us.


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